Larger law firms have for years been promoting their clients by taking out ads congratulating the client on some innovation, or award, or whatever. Also firms have featured important clients in their so-called annual reports. The purpose is to show what important clients the firm represents, what innovative type of legal work they have done, and/or to make brownie points with the client.

I have had mixed feelings over the years as to how effective this type of legal marketing is. However, I saw a preview of the upcoming ad campaign by Denver-based Holland & Hart (I just love their “The Law Out West” tagline) that will feature their clients on Frontier Airlines’ in flight TV channel. Their first ad features client Outlast Technologies, a company that does some cool stuff in controlling temperature fluctuations in clothing (no pun intended, really). Take a look at the ad.

Admittedly, I am very impressed.  Extra kudos to Mark Beese, Holland & Hart’s “marketing guy” as he is called. Nice work, Mark. 

There was one other aspect to this ad that I really liked.  Not sure it was intended, but it’s a double whammy (or is it triple?), in that Holland & Hart is promoting its client, that in turn is endorsed in the ad by the Space Foundation (NASA is one of Outlast’s customers), which as a result links the law firm to some pretty high technology circles.

Also, I have to admit that I like the idea of promoting one’s clients, as long as it is legitimate, sincere and not just an attempt at brown-nosing the client. If the client has done some significant things in its industry, or for its customers or community,  then helping the client tell the world about it could be a great way to build on your relationship.

So, can you think of ways to promote your clients in your community or regional marketplace?