In concluding my coverage of the small firm marketing survey commissioned by LexisNexis� Martindale-Hubbell� and conducted by Harris Interactive�, I want to cover those marketing activities the survey did not address or at least did not specifically report on.
Marketing activities not covered or detailed:
Although the survey reports that “Networking and word-of-mouth (aka referrals) are still key to building a law practice,” it fails to indicate what percentage of firms that consider those two successful or valuable, or what was spent on networking and referral sources.
Other marketing activities or “tactics” that I have found the most effective over the years, either weren’t addressed at all or were not reported (possibly they were thought to be included in other categories, but I couldn’t tell if that is the case, or why they didn’t rate being broken out). They include:
*Client feedback or Visitation programs (Nos. 1 and 3 on my list of Top 10 Marketing Tips for the most effective marketing “tactics”);
*Speeches in general (not just seminars);
*Third Party Seminars (i.e., put on by a business, trade or other reputable organization rather than the law firm “giving/hosting” a seminar itself. Sometimes they are more effective and don’t come across as an obvious sales pitch by the law firm;
*Proposals/Presentations (whether head-to-head with competitors, or as sole source);
*Organizational Activity (i.e., getting involved and making a contribution to a trade, business, civic, cultural, or bar association can be very effective over a period of time. Granted this can be a significant part of one’s networking, but not the only way);
*Sending Information/news clippings as a means of constant contact.
As noted, the survey covered a number of marketing activities or “tactics,” and the results were interesting. My hope is that future surveys will include other marketing activities that have proven to work over the years. It would be very helpful to learn, as just one example, such things as whether seeking client feedback has increased or decreased over time.
Again, you can Download file containing the survey.