In today’s installment of my review of the small firm marketing survey commissioned by LexisNexis� Martindale-Hubbell� and conducted by Harris Interactive�, I want to concentrate on the respondents perception of what marketing activities they consider valuable.
Perceived Value of Various Marketing Tools:
The marketing tool considered most valuable by is law firm web sites according to 89% of respondents. Other top marketing tactics perceived to be valuable include:
*Printed/Online Legal Directory Listings – 85%
*Public/Media Relations/Writing Articles – 79%
*Giving/Hosting Seminars – 78%
*Client Meals/Entertainment – 75%
*Print/Online Yellow Pages – 68%
*Event Sponsorships/Community Events – 68%
*Referral Services – 51%
Not surprisingly, younger respondents (under 34 years of age) value Internet-related marketing over their older counterparts in terms of firm web sites, sponsorships on legal web sites, and paid-per-click placements.
NEXT: What marketing activities the survey did not address.