In a recent post, l made my views pretty clear relating to the recent New Jersey Committee on Attorney Advertising’s rule prohibiting lawyers from using the “Super Lawyer” or “Best Lawyers in America” ranking in their legal marketing, while the use of Martindale-Hubbell’s AV, BV and CV ratings was deemed okay.

Well, it seems that both “Super Lawyers” and “Best Lawyers in America” are going to challenge the prohibition according to an article by Henry Gottlieb that appeared on’s Small Firm Business. They have hired some pretty big New Jersey legal guns to get the ruling overturned. They include a former chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (John Gibbons), and the immediate past president of the New Jersey State Bar Association (Stuart Hoberman).

Hmm. They just may be able to help! If I were a betting man (in fact, I will be speaking at a Canadian bar association conference this fall in Las Vegas), I’d put some money on this rule being DOA or that it soon will be.

As ABA ethics guru Will Hornsby (only speaking for himself) so aptly put it,

“I personally believe the real evil here is arcane rules that limit the ability of layers to provide potential clients with information that helps them reach a decision about selecting a lawyer.”

After all, the ratings are based on peer reviews, and are not like “Who’s Who” type directories that many consider foolish and self-selective. In fact, it might be a wise move for Martindale-Hubbell to become an amicus curiae on the side of its fellow rating organizations. Think about it.

Standby as the drama unfolds.