When I suggested in recent posts that you “Call Your Client, Now,” and check your rolodex for others to call, I may have been remiss in not suggesting what you might say when you make those calls. I’ll remedy that by listing a number of ideas that where included in a post by Barbara Walker Price at BWPrice’s Marketing U. She points out that to her it is not difficult deciding who to call, but what to say. Good point. So, she gives us a list that her boss, Chris Mercer, picked up from professional speaker Jim Cathcart (okay, that’s enough name dropping for today).
The list of things to talk about includes:
*Praise (for being mentioned in the news or a particular setting),
*Observations to share (something you picked up that may be of interest to them),
*Insight and observations for them (something that may specifically apply to them),
*Suggestions and referrals (relating to an idea or a referral for their business),
*Offer of assistance or resources (in a time of trial or need),
*Request assistance (in developing an idea or help in a given situation),
*Confirm details (of agreement, trip, meeting, etc.)
*Obtain a quote to use (for use in a presentation or speech),
*Explore possibilities (based on and related to your relationship), and
*Seek guidance, direction or recommendations (relating to something you are working on).
Hope the list helps get you started in making those calls today.