Now, stop yawning! This is not as boring a topic as you might think.

Thom Singer makes a great case for using this tool that some people think is mundane and “oh, so 60’s”. To those I say with all due respect – horsefeathers!! Nametags are very important in any networking situation. 

Heck, I was with a medium-sized law firm  recently that used permanent nametags (even for spouses/significant others) at their own retreat with only one or two outsiders.

As Thom points out there are important reasons for using them:

  • Every event is a networking event,
  • Everyone does not know everyone,
  • Lack of “coolness” is irrelevant,
  • They facilitate conversations,

And possibly most importantly,

  • they help avoid embarrassing situations.

So, don’t let others talk you out of using nametags. They are an important tool.  

And if you are dying to read more about nametags, check out ole crazy (as in successful and probably rolling in it) “Hello, My Name is Scott” Ginsberg. I think he probably wears his nametag to bed, but I could be wrong about that.