As I mentioned in my recent post relating to e-mail marketing, I have concerns about the effectiveness of this tool in legal marketing because of the pure volume of e-mail that seems to overwhelm all of us these days, including clients. My colleague Larry Bodine referred to my e-mail when he offered that e-newsletters have proven to be very effective marketing tools for lawyers. We don’t have a disagreement here, as I was referring to e-mails in general, and not just e-newsletters.
I agree that e-newsletters can be very effective, if well-written on topics of interest to the recipients, especially clients. I receive several e-newsletters I consider worthwhile. However, I am the recipient of some I don’t, and therein lies the rub. E-mails in general, and even e-newsletters, can be considered spam or junk mail when they are unwelcome. So, make sure if you send e-newsletters that you ask your audience whether they want to receive them, and how to opt-out if they don’t.
I am still planning to listen to the American Marketing Association’s webinar scheduled for August 30th on the topic “Email Marketing – A Checklist for Email Success in Tomorrow’s Market,” to see if there is anything that will allay my concerns about e-mails in general as a marketing tool for lawyers. Again, here is where you can find the particulars and to sign up, if you are interested.
Stay tuned.