After listening to the presentation yesterday that I mentioned in two earlier posts (here and here) sponsored by the American Marketing Association, I wanted to get back to those interested in the e-mail marketing discussion.
The webinar was presented by Jordan Ayan, founder and CEO of SubscriberMail, a company that sells e-mail products and services to customers. Although his presentation was quite good on how to undertake a direct marketing e-mail campaign, and he provided some do’s and don’t’s that would apply to all e-mails (including e-newsletters), it is not something I would recommend to my clients.
The reason is that I don’t believe in direct marketing campaigns for law firms. I know some believe in them, but I am not one of those people. I don’t respond to pitches received in that fashion (whether from a broker, medical or dental clinic, real estate agent, accountant, etc.), and I don’t think most clients of law firms would either. When it comes to professional services, I want to know the person (who performs the service or refers me to one). Receiving a direct marketing piece by snail mail or electronically just doesn’t work for me. For legal marketing, this is not one of the more effective tools you should be using.