As I have long argued, marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective for small firms and solos. New York lawyer Ray Dowd, a solo for ten years, gives some helpful tips on “Frugal Marketing” which appeared in the New York Law Journal
Here are some of Dowd’s tips.

*Ask for business cards, and then comment on it which shows interest and helps remember names
*Give your card only after being asked
*Send items of interest you clip from the newspaper to contacts with a note
*Attend free events where you can make important contacts (I don’t agree with pleading poverty to get in if there is a fee. Doesn’t look good.)
*Always send a thank-you note to the host
*Don’t offer to pay for meals where you give out free advice
*Send inexpensive, but attractive and meaningful holiday cards
*Offer to review books to get complimentary copy
*Offer to speak to groups on topics you are very familiar.