Do you want more traffic coming to your website? Who doesn’t?

Tom O’Leary, a true SEO guru, has a post on leveraging the combined Justia and Cornell University directory listings over on The Attorney Marketing Blog.  He informs us on how you can get the search engines to pay more attention to your web site and/or blog (Tom has done some SEO work on my blog, and I have been very, very pleased).

The directory listings are free and Tom lays out step-by-step instructions on just how to take advantage of them for your law firm or practice. The process he lays out, particularly for smaller population centers vs. mega-cities, can result in multiple search results on the first page of Google.

First, go to (under “Lawyers” at the top, enter your last name – especially if you go by “T. Edward Smith” as you may be in the directory as Thomas Edward Smith).

Then, click on “View Profile”, then “Claim and Update your profile” and “Claim by Phone.” What happens next is cool. Your listed telephone number is called immediately to verify that it’s you trying to access the profile (so make sure the phone number is correct – if not, “Claim by fax”).

Finally, as Tom mentions, take advantage of the opportunity to enter as much information as possible. The more data you include, the better the search engines will like you. He reports that one firm ended up with 6 of the 10 results on the first page of Google after doing the above.

This is GREAT stuff, Tom. Thanks.