Most authors encounter writer’s block from time to time. I know I do when it comes to this blog, and today was one of those times. That got me thinking about the subject as it relates to marketing generally. It isn’t that people aren’t busy, or that they have forgotten that developing business requires ongoing efforts; rather, I suspect, that occasionally lawyers encounter a creativity block when it comes to developing business.

John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing helped me out with a recent post in which he says that he sometimes refreshes his creative soul with a walk in the park. Other people come up with some brilliant ideas in the shower. What works for you may be entirely different.

Here is a suggestion to get your business development efforts back on track. Put some marketing terms, such as “networking,” “client relations,” “listening,” “client service,” or “public speaking,” etc., etc.  into the Search box on this blog. Read a few of the resulting posts, and then take a “walk in the park,” or whatever. This just may get you unstuck, and motivated with a fresh approach and commitment to your legal marketing efforts.