Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed about coaching and other business development topics by Cole Silver for his Expert Audio Series.  It was a lot of fun.  So, for those who care to listen to the golden vocal cords of yours truly, give it a go. (aw, come on, I know you’ve just been dying to hear me sound off on my various (mis)guided theories on all things marketing and business development.)

So, if you have 29 minutes to waste ………. errrrr, invest over lunch or your morning coffee, check out my coaching interview with Cole.  Some of what we talked about included:

  • Why coaching works
  • How it overcomes lawyers’ reluctance to develop business
  • How to select a coach
  • What coaching process entails
  • Why client visits and feedback programs work, and can lead to immediate business
  • How selling really works

What the heck.  You may actually get something out of it.  Give it a shot.