There is a post on the subject of internal marketing on the Signal vs. Noise blog. It relates how hard and, presumably, effectively Apple sells the company to those who work there. The messages are intended to remind employees not only what the company is selling to the world, but what they are doing there.

From my very early days in the legal marketing business, I argued that my job as the chief marketing person was 50% internal. Not only was it critical to sell the lawyers on the importance of business development, but convincing the staff of just how important they were to the firm and the clients. 

When the staff is treated as valuable assets to the organization, morale is high, and they are more likely to treat clients better. Some firms work very hard at this, and I have trained law firm staffs on their role in the marketing effort. See an earlier post on involving everyone in the law firm’s business development efforts.

Unfortunately, not enough firms do value the role of staff, or the importance of internally selling what the firm’s brand is (not to mention what services are offered) to everyone who works there.