It’s not too late. There are still a few weeks of the holiday season to go, before the doldrums of January set in. Go visit your key clients (okay at least those that are local) and referral sources to thank them for their business/referrals, and take them to lunch or dinner.

Also, take along an appropriate gift. Or send one at least.  Sorry, don’t have a bunch of new ideas this year, but you can look over my “holiday gifts” posts of prior years. I still like most of them.

Also, send a holiday card. Yes, a holiday card. Quickly. But make sure you sign it personally, and include a short note, such as “hope you have a terrific holiday season” or whatever. Write something to show you care enough not to just send the firm’s unsigned, impersonal card. Here’s another post of mine on this topic.

You may be surprised what comes of all this in 2010, if not sooner.