We all know how annoying e-mails can be. If we aren’t overwhelmed with the shear number received daily, we certainly are annoyed by the unwelcome spam. I have expressed some of my views on e-mailing,including how to be a more effective e-mailer, and how handwritten notes, although requiring more work, are more effective as a lawyer marketing tool.

Obviously, e-mails are very useful in today’s world, and I am certainly not advocating otherwise. Having said that, we should all be attentive to proper netiquette in their use. Gerry Riskin at Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices calls our attention to an article on the subject of signing e-mails that appeared recently in the The New York Times. It not only points out the importance of signing your email, but the landmines that can occur when using an inappropriate "sign-off"in a business relationship. Take a look. I know I will look differently at how I close my emails in the future.

Gerry also called our attention to a Netiquette Quiz from NetM@nners.com that includes issues other than just signing off your e-mail. I, of course, obtained a perfect 10 on my netiquette score!! Okay, that’s a lie, and I did learn a thing or two. You might find the quiz enlightening as well.