Making a contact (potential referral source or prospect) feel important is always a smart business development tactic. How, you ask? In this case, it can be as simple as taking time to write your direct dial (which should be on your card already, in my view) or home number on your business card before handing it to the person.

That’s the advice from Michelle Golden at Golden Practices in the form of one of her “5-Minute Marketing” tips. What I particularly liked was her suggestion that you take the time to write your number on your card before handing it to the person. I like the idea of writing it right on the front of your card, rather than the back, but either will do. But, take your time and this “extra” effort on your part will make the person feel special indeed.

Michelle also shares some Asian customs when it comes to handling business cards that you may find helpful, if you have dealings with folks from that part of the world. Take a look.