We all know that content is still king, right? I discussed this in a recent post,  however I didn’t talk about specific ways to improve your content. My friend Trey Ryder, as is so often the case, provides some really good ideas in his current newsletter. One of his feature articles by Tom Trush deals with how to pack your website with the content that clients are looking for.

I want to focus on just one of his suggestions, which I really like (the others are referenced below). The tool is Wordtracker Labs’ Keyword Questions feature. The idea is that you enter a keyword, for example, “employment law." It will come up with a number of questions that people have asked about that. Then you ensure that your content addresses those specific questions, phrases, terms, etc. It’s as simple as that.

I didn’t know about this feature and I think it’s great!

The other tools (which you can read more about in Trush’s article) to improve your content include:

  • Twitter.com (insert the applicable term(s) relative to your practice in the search box, and read the posts for language to use on your site);
  • Amazon.com (I like his suggestion of looking at the TOC of books relative to your practice and ensuring you cover the same topics within your content); and
  • Your site’s statistics (“you’ll see the exact terms people” used to land on your site, so ensure that you use those exact terms on your site).

Now, there is no excuse for not making your website content better.