For those who know me, know that I am not a fan of law firm marketing committees. It may have something to do with my many years as an in-house marketing professional. I found that they only get in the way. Not only because some committee members get at cross purposes chasing their own agendas (whether they have a clue as to what marketing is all about or not – often the latter), and often think the committee’s budget is their own personal piggy bank. As you can tell, I have strong feelings about this topic, as pointed out in an earlier post entitled “Does Your Firm Have A Marketing Committee? Too Bad!” 

Okay, enough of that.

For those who do not agree with the above sentiment (or are stuck with such a committee), there is some hope. My friend Stacy West Clark (who I gather is not a big fan of marketing committees either) has an article that can help your condition in life, if you are an in-house marketer or otherwise have a committee to deal with.

She has some really good suggestions as to the composition of the committee, the importance of management’s full backing, the role of its members, and recommended meeting agenda items. Stacy’s tips that I particularly like include:

  • Managing partner should attend as many meetings as possible and participate;
  • Members should publicize the committee’s activities, suggestions and plans to their respective practice groups;
  • Ensure there are meeting agendas, to include:
    • reviewing the marketing tools available;
    • cross-selling opportunities;
    • new targets (clients, referral sources and prospects);
    • significant business development activities and results;
    • discussion about hot practice areas; and
    • reports about any and all marketing and business development successes.

If your firm does have a marketing committee, Stacy’s suggestions are excellent ones and worth your attention, if you want the committee to be effective.