In the early days particularly, I believed my job as an in-house legal marketer was at least 50% internal. In other words, at least that amount of time would be required to get buy-in for anything relating to marketing – whether it involved the lawyers generally, management or other staff resources. Well, guess what? I’m not sure what the percentage of actual time spent internally is today for most law firms, but I still think the internal effort is (or needs to be) a significant percentage.

Once again Michelle Golden over at Golden Practices has hit it on the head with her 5-Minute Marketing Tips. She offers some excellent marketing tips when it comes to enhancing your relationship with “co-workers/team members.” Specifically:

  • Thank them for their contribution to a recent project,
  • Compliment them on their abilities, and how welcome they are on the team, and
  • Invite them (because you respect their views) to brainstorm with you on how to add value to a client engagement.

Good stuff, Michelle, and thanks.