Gift giving is a normal practice this time of year, and of course, is a great lawyer marketing tool, where appropriate. Sometimes I draw a blank as to what would be most appreciated by a particular client or referral source, and am always looking for ideas.

Well, thanks to Trey Ryder, who asked his readers in one of his weekly e-newsletters for suggestions, here are a number of them:

  • Gift certificates – Amazon, Starbucks, restaurants, museums, theater, movies, spa, iTunes
  • Gift baskets/tins – fruit, wine/cheese, coffee/teas, Omaha steaks, Hershey chocolates, fruitcake (my favorite, w-e-l-I maybe not "favorite"), cookies, popcorn, spa items, and fruit-of-the-month (for year round impact)
  • Magazine subscriptions, books, CDs,
  • Free consultation,
  • Free consultation with referral source or other professional (double whammy),
  • Homemade candies and cookies,
  • Holiday floral arrangement (sent to person’s home a day or two before the holiday) or poinsettias,
  • Bottle of wine or liquor,
  • Unique gift from local craftsman or artist,
  • Donation to charity in person’s name, and
  • iPod, Nano or other item (for really top clients).

Of course, what gifts would be appropriate will depend on the individual and your relationship. Hopefully, you will find something that is the right fit from the list above. If you want to read all the email responses Trey received, click here for a copy of his e-newsletter.

P.S. By the way, my contact information is above, JUST in case anyone is so inclined. Happy Holidays, everyone.