Small law firms could benefit from a mini-site for the specific purpose of emphasizing a niche practice. I like this idea because it can avoid the internal fighting that is likely to occur when a firm decides to emphasize one of its practice areas more heavily than another on its main website. Unfortunately, some lawyers don’t appreciate the principle that a rising tide floats all boats. Rather, they may perceive that the firm is focusing too much on its core business, or some other niche area, to their detriment. Enter the mini-site.
There is a very good article on the subject by Robert Ambrogi that appeared on yesterday. He mentions several firms that have mini-sites, including a D.C. firm that has a niche in the area of Packaging Law (as in packaging materials). Go figure. That is a new one on me, but after looking at Keller and Heckman’s site, I can appreciate that this is a very busy area of law.
Take a look at Robert’s article for other examples of this trend. It just might be the best way for your law firm to raise the level of legal marketing of a niche area without overturning any boats.