If you haven’t taken a hard look at your website recently, Fred Faulkner, webmaster extraordinaire for the ABA, offered some New Year’s tips for your website in an article published on LLRX. He provides his tips in three categories related to the degree of difficulty in pulling them off: Easy, Moderate and Difficult.
I will just focus on the easy ones:
*Revise Your Marketing Copy – Fred reminds us that visitors scan sites (just like you and me), so make the copy short by breaking it into “coherent chunks,” with a link to more detail once they have found what they are interested in learning more about.
*Update Attorneys’ Bios and Photos – you can’t believe how many lawyers fail to keep their bio current by adding recent publications or cases. (Oh, you might want to consider removing that law review article on the Palsgraf case you did back in 1956; AND replace your 1970 photo when you had hair with an updated color picture – at least it will cut down on the giggle factor within the firm),
*Beef Up Your Contact Information – include telephone numbers, address, directions, and a map (at least a link, so they won’t have to go to Mapquest or Google map to find one). Fred points out that this info will help get your firm picked up on local search results.
For more information on Fred’s Moderate (add a blog, client intact form, and basic search engine optimization) and Difficult (accessibility compliance, site usability study, and complete site redesign) suggestions, take a look at his article.
Special thanks to Kevin O’Keefe at LexBlog.com for alerting me to Fred’s legal marketing tips.