Okay, there is a boner of an idea you might say. But, stick with me a minute.

Actually, the idea isn’t that farfetched. In fact, it’s pretty elementary. Bloggers do it all the time, that is, if their blog is any good. Lawyers present at seminars and write articles all the time as well. And, if they are at all effective, they will be very educational, informative, useful, enlightening, etc., etc.,….you get the idea. That is called giving knowledge away.

Some refer to it as “educational marketing” (Trey Ryder for one), or “content marketing,” as in an recent article by Jay Fleischman over on Legal Practice Pro.

Some would argue that knowledge is our stock and trade, and it is of course. So, why give it away? Because by demonstrating your expertise through a number of blog posts, articles, speeches, etc., you will enhance your reputation, and gain clients in the process. Even if you tell people how to do something, they will still call upon the “expert” when it comes to crunch time.

That is why giving your knowledge away is one of the smart ways to develop business.