Thom Singer of Some Assembly Required has a great audio blog that highlights five myths relating to networking that are very concise and to the point. As he correctly states, networking isn’t hard, nor are there barriers put up to make it difficult. Yet some lawyers are uncomfortable with networking, and have a lack of enthusiasm for this type of lawyer marketing.

Maybe Thom’s five myths will help overcome their reluctance. They are:

Myth #1 – Networking is only for when you’re not busy. Your work doesn’t always have to come first, and you only need to network when you have the time. Rather, networking has got to become “part of your lifestyle,”

Myth #2 – Only partners or senior people in the firm need to undertake networking. Wrong! Everyone needs to contribute by networking for the benefit of both the firm and the individual.

Myth #3 – People you meet at events don’t refer work. Maybe not to someone they just “met,” but after they get to “know and trust” you, they most certainly will refer work. And that can take time.

Myth #4 – If your good, business will come. Unfortunately, this Kevin Costner School of Business is no longer true. Just because you are good, doesn’t mean clients will come knocking on your door. If people don’t know you, how can they bring or refer work. So, you do have to “blow your own horn” (with subtlety, and a degree of modesty, I would hope), and

Myth #5 – Decision makers don’t attend networking events. Thom reminds us that such people are not hermits. Also, you may not be attending the right events. Further, even if they don’t attend every event you do, people who have access and influence with decision makers likely do.

You may want to listen to Thom’s audio blog itself. It is only 3 minutes long, and well worth it.