Although some lawyers may question that statement, I would venture that every effective rainmaker would not. In one of my in-house law firm marketing positions, I was blessed with a marketing partner who really got it. At our very first new associate orientation session together, I was surprised (and delighted) to hear him say to them that “everything you do as a lawyer is marketing.”

He went on to explain that how they dressed, treat the client, communicate with the client (and others), handle their matter (win or lose), the appearance of their office, the attitude towards (and by) the staff, and generally how they react to people (not just clients), etc. etc. – basically, everything they did from the time they get up to the time they went to bed – is marketing. Of course, it isn’t all that marketing entails, but in the personal services business it is a huge part.

This memorable experience came back when I was referred to the article “Customer Service for Lawyers” by Wendy Werner in this month’s Law Practice Today by my friend Dan Hull over at What About Clients?

It’s the eight words that Dan extracted from the lead-in to Wendy’s article that got my attention, and made me recall my in-house experience. They are so very true, and really say it all:

every contact every time shapes the client’s opinion.”

Thanks Dan, and Wendy.