Due to my holiday vacation, I decided on another encore presentation of my top ten marketing tips which I first did in 2006. They are just as accurate today as they were then. The only difference would be the increased role of social media today in both networking and writing opportunities.  That notwithstanding, I hope you will find them useful.


Kane’sTop Ten Marketing Tips

By Tom Kane on July 5th, 2006 Posted in Marketing Tips

It’s been awhile since I posted my top ten legal marketing tips, and I’ve never done so in a single post before. So, here goes in the reverse order of near-term effectiveness and how I posted them (with links to where you can read my earlier post on each):

No. 10 – Be Active In Organizations

No. 9 – Networking With Super-Connectors

No. 8 – Take A Reporter To Lunch

No. 7 – Write Articles of Interest

No. 6 – Talk It Up With More Speeches

No. 5 – Communicate Often

No. 4 – Offer To Make Proposal

No. 3 – Seek Client Feedback Often

No. 2 – Entertain Your Client

No. 1 – Visit Your Clients

Hope they are helpful to you and your firm.