Thanks to a post by Jim Calloway, I learned about an very useful resource by MyShingle’s Carolyn Elefant called Soloformania. It is a great site containing lots of useful forms and information from opening and running a law practice to dealing with clients. The information is not just for solos or small firms by a long shot, however.  

What particularly caught my eye was one of the sections on Soloformania called “ClientKeeper Software,” which really is a number of practice aids developed by The Missouri Bar in cooperation with The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company. As the Bar site states, “They (the aids) are designed to assist attorneys in improving client relations and minimizing (the) likelihood of claims for legal malpractice.” 

Avoiding malpractice is a good thing. Also, any lawyer’s practice can benefit as a result of improved client relations, which is what successful, long-term business development is all about.

Note: The practice aids can be downloaded in either MS Word or WordPerfect format, and results in 27 files (can’t explain why they just didn’t combine them into one file, since some consist of only one page). Suggest you first look at the “a-cont” file which is the table of contents to see which files you might be interested in.