Hate ’em or love ’em, holiday cards are still sent each year by most law firms. If you are one of them, your planning should begin soon. My friend Mary Beth Pratt, chief marketing officer at Pepper Hamilton LLP in Philadelphia has an article in this month’s ABA Law Practice magazine on the art of holiday cards. Included are two sidebars with suggestions by other marketers, and 10 things to think about before sending cards (definitely worth looking at).
Admittedly, I am not a big fan of holiday cards (mainly from the headaches the process has caused over the years), but it is a marketing tool and can be effective if handled well. Unsigned cards, without a personal note are a waste of time in my view. In fact, I’ve heard some people comment that it can have an adverse effect.
At a minimum, I suggest that cards contain both a handwritten note and personal signature. Other things to consider:
*Sent Thanksgiving cards to beat the year-end rush (thank both clients, and referral sources “for their business and friendship, etc.”),
*Design a card that relates to your firm, or
*Purchase card from a local charity, and
*Put someone (not a committee) in charge with authority to make decisions for the firm.