Law firms that conduct legal marketing on the “institutional” level, often wonder why some of their lawyers are not doing marketing or business development on the “individual” level.  The answer is simple. These lawyers use the institutional activities as an excuse for not undertaking marketing themselves.

Some of the statements you may hear as to why lawyers do not personally develop business might include:

“I don’t need to market, since the firm (fill in the blank)

…has a web site.”

…advertizes locally and nationally in various publications”

…sponsors events by business/trade groups.”

…has a slick brochure.”

…buys tables at numerous charitable events (of course, you won’t ever see me networking at one of those dinners, I’ll tell ya).”

…the firm is doing all kinds of things, and I am too busy.”

…has a PR firm.”

Thus, some lawyers (and I know quite a few) hide behind these firm activities so they won’t have to get personally involved. In a personal services business, like the law, that is a huge mistake. The most effective law firm marketing and business development that I have seen is done on the “personal” level by individual lawyers. Period.

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