In my consulting practice, one often hears “Have other firms done that?” or “Are other firms doing that?”  Sad!  That’s called going with the flow.  In my opinion that is nuts.  You can’t stand out from the crowd that way.  I like to call it “legal following” vs. legal marketing.

Rather, you should try swimming upstream.  By that I mean be different.  Consultant Trey Ryder in his latest newsletter has a great article about doing just that. He suggests that if others are recommending a particular legal strategy, e.g., a living trust; then you should focus your lawyer marketing efforts on pointing out the disadvantages of such instruments.

Here are four examples of messages Trey recommends could increase your credibility by swimming upstream in your area of the law:

“…if lawyers regularly recommend a particular tax-planning tool, write a list of times when this tool may not be your client’s best choice.

“…if lawyers regularly recommend that prospects hire an attorney, identify and explain when prospects can handle the matter themselves.

“…if lawyers often recommend a particular type of contract, write a list of times when that contract may not be sufficient to protect your prospect’s interests.

“…if prospects believe they must hire a large law firm, identify when it’s really in their best interests to hire a small firm instead.”

It isn’t that you don’t offer living trusts, particular tax-planning tools, certain types of contracts, etc.; but by pointing out the pitfalls, clients will assume you really know your stuff and whether it is the right strategy for them.

I highly recommend Trey’s article.  If you are interested in reading all of it click here.