Your web site, as with all your marketing materials should be consistent and reflect your brand, which hopefully echoes the value you bring to clients who hire the firm. Too few firms do a good job at that. Now, don’t get mad at me. Although I agree with the statement, it really comes from someone who knows and has received dozens of awards for web sites his company has designed over the years.

In an article on branding that appears in the current ABA Journal online, Burkey Belser of Greenfield/Belser Ltd. relates what is wrong with most web sites he has seen. He then shares the three attributes that are present on Baker Hostetler’s site, and should be reflected on any “effective site.” 

They are:

“1) Have a purpose. What do you want the reader to do?
“2) Create a dialogue with the reader.
“3) Position yourself as important, confident and a leader.”

Burkey points out that Baker’s site isn’t perfect, but it is “an exemplar of effective brand­ing.”   What does your web site say about your brand?