What does your business card say about you? That is the question posed by Ross Fishman on Ross’s Law Marketing Blog. You may not think that a small, simple thing like a business card is very important. In fact, you may not even give it a second thought. That is a big mistake.

Fishman says, and I agree, “first impressions matter…” He goes on: “Your logo and business card are the tangible, physical embodiment of your entire law practice.” That may be a bit strong, but it certainly makes a difference in what a prospective client will think upon looking at it.

Accordingly, it might be a good idea to read his “Nice to meet you. Here’s my [crappy, flimsy] card” post. It can’t hurt and may give you an idea or two that might just counter your (possibly defensive) thought that the his message is “bullsugar.”

Fishman’s suggests changing your card if it is:

  • Mediocre – as in run-of-the-mill stock and look that does not set you apart from what every lawyer has used since Cicero;
  • Cheap – “lawyers sell an expensive, high risk, intangible service,” so why come across as low-priced. You certainly don’t want to compete on price alone (if at all), so why send that message via your Kinko’s business card; and/or
  • Boring – as in BORING.

Fishman’s shows and discusses various samples of cards he picked up at a recent conference, and points out the advantages of using a logo, design, tone and stock that will set you apart.

The point is, most importantly, does your card hurt you to the point that recipients aren’t compelled to visit your website and learn more about you and your law firm? If not, bummer!