In this month’s Law Practice Management there’s a simple quiz that may say a lot about what grade you deserve based on whether you are proactive vs. passive when it comes to legal marketing. The article by Anne Parys, director of marketing at Pittsburgh’s Rothman & Gordon gets straight to the point.

Start by answering the following:

1.  After a networking event, I take the business cards I gathered and:

a. follow up within a week with a phone call
b. add them to the firm’s database
c. throw them in the back of my drawer

2.  When the firm sponsors an event, I:

a. ask for a copy of the attendee list so I can identify prospects and
     clients that I want to be sure to meet
b. attend the event and enjoy the free food and drink
c. don’t get involved

3.  I monitor newstories relating to my clients/industry/practice:

a. daily
b. weekly
c. not at all

4.  If I do monitor the news, I use the information to:

a. bring new and timely ideas to my clients
b. forward articles of interest to my clients
c. check the sports pages

5.  When I have a speaking engagement, I always:

a. stick around to answer questions and personally follow up with
    potential clients
b. have my contact information on my materials and circulate a sign up
    sheet for firm newsletters
c. get back to my office (and more important stuff) ASAP

6.  When a client or colleague refers a case to me, I:

a. immediately call to thank him or her, and in some instances, send a
b. thank him or her the next time we run into each other
c. don’t keep track

7.  I think about marketing:

a. all the time
b. here and there
c. never

It’s pretty obvious, all “C’s” is not so good, “A’s”are good, and “B’s” only so-so. So, be honest. What’s your grade when it comes to lawyer marketing.