If you have a “distinctive” logo, it is your “Face” to the public. And that could be good or bad. I had not considered such a thing, until I saw the post by Bruce Allen of Marketing Catalyst. He refers us to a post by Dave Opton, who in turn cautions that we should be concerned with more important things than a logo – like producing a quality product and customer service.
I couldn’t agree more that the secret to legal marketing, in fact any marketing, is to deliver a quality product and fantastic client service. If your product or service is less than “perfect,” chances are that your logo will generate negative feelings when (former) clients, referral sources and prospective clients see it.
The point is, logos can be helpful if your product and service is excellent. Otherwise, it can truly give off negative vibes, and it would be better to not have a logo than to have one that generates immediate disdain. I like logos, but a logo is much less important than the impact of your legal services (both the legal product and the actual client service experience).