In response to an inquiry last month from a criminal defense lawyer on what organizations she should join, I was also asked to consider additional marketing tips for this area of practice. Recently, in a discussion with Kevin O’Keefe at LexBlog, Inc. we bounced around the idea some, and we came up a couple of thoughts, including getting to know the reporters who cover the police beat, bail bondsmen, police officers, and others who are brought into play when bad things happen.
On my list of top marketing tips, No. 8 suggests taking a reporter to lunch. I must admit I wasn’t thinking of criminal defense lawyers when I wrote it, but upon reflection, the tip can work just as well for them. Getting to know reporters who cover the crime beat, can lead to your becoming a source for the legal perspective on stories they are working on. In turn, you could:
*Be quoted in news stories, and the more that happens the more your name will be recognized by potential clients, their relatives and friends. (I suggest you watch some of the cable news channels to pick up tips from those legal “experts” on how to approach stories); and
*Receive referrals from those reporters who may be asked (because of their reporting) for the names of criminal defense lawyers.

Take another look at the suggestions and cautions in that earlier post in dealing with reporters – whether print, TV or radio.