To create a relevant piece of content for your readers, you only need one thing: a single, solid piece of good advice. In the past, we’ve discussed multiple ways of outlining blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media posts in this newsletter, but this “one-tip method” is hands-down the most streamlined approach there is.

To come up with your piece of advice (aka your one tip) and turn it into a blog post, you need to follow three simple steps.

1. Ask yourself, “What does my audience want?”

The options here are endless! If you’re a business lawyer, for example, your readers probably want to make more money, keep their partnerships cooperative, and avoid being sued. Pick just one of these things, and move on to step two.

2. Identify one thing your audience should do or should avoid doing in order to achieve their goal.

As a business lawyer, if you chose “avoid being sued” for step one, your “one thing” for this step might be creating air-tight contracts, knowing a particular law, or even hiring a good lawyer. Again, pick just one of these things and move on.

3. Combine steps 1 and 2, and explain your tip!

When you add your answers from step one and step two together, you have a topic. For the business lawyer, that might be “How Airtight Contracts Help You Avoid Lawsuits.” From there, you just have to explain the “how.” Because this is your area of expertise, it should be easy! Don’t overthink it — just start typing, or press the record button. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can type out 400 words or speak for four minutes on such a simple topic.

That’s it! In only three steps, and using just one solid piece of advice, you’ve created content that will educate your audience, position you as the expert in your field, and keep your firm’s name top of mind. This is the trifecta you should always aim for in your marketing.