Elizabeth Ann “Betiayn” Tursi has a very interesting article on the state of law firm marketing, as well as the lack of longevity of in-house marketers on Law.com. Even though small firms generally don’t have a marketing person on staff (although some should and do, or at least outsource the function), the reason for mentioning the article is that Betiayn’s points are valid about the reaction to marketing by too many lawyers no matter what size firm.

In fact, Nathan Burke at lawfirmblogging.com whose post “Are Law Firm Marketers Doomed?” really hit on the issue that applies to many law firms and lawyer marketing in general: the need for change. If law firm managers do not change their attitude toward marketing, and that of their lawyers, then I believe those firms are doomed whether they have a marketer or not.

That isn’t to say that a small law firm with a strong rainmaker won’t survive. Of course it will, until the rainmaker retires. Marketing tools and techniques are pretty straight forward and easily learned. The failure comes with the lack of implementation, and that will take a change in mind-set for many lawyers. So, is your firm taking steps to change the behavior of the next generation before the founder(s) leave the firm?