Since the best source of new business is from existing clients, it’s a good idea to increase the loyalty of your clients by adding value to the legal services you do provide. As consultant Trey Ryder puts it in his current newsletter:

“A client will stay loyal to you as long as he perceives the value of the services he receives to be greater than the fee he pays.”

Trey goes on to list “23 Secrets That Build Client Loyalty.”  In the interest of brevity and since a number are related, I have combined most of his secrets into a list of seven:

  1. Send clients copies of articles, relevant newspaper clippings, copies of published articles (consider quoting clients in your writings), and your newsletter (even profile clients in such publications or other materials);
  2. Invite clients to seminars (firm sponsored or otherwise), special events, and sporting or cultural events. (Although I recommend attending events with clients rather than just throwing tickets at them, there may be occasions when you can’t attend an event and the client may appreciate getting them);
  3. Let clients know about your successes, and ask them for testimonials (N.B. testimonials are problematic in some states, so check your bar rules as to whether and how you can use them);
  4. Encourage client to give feedback on services, and admit mistakes immediately;
  5. Not only make your clients feel important and special, but give key clients priority access, quick service and let them know they can call you anytime. Make it convenient for clients to work with you, and each feel like they are “the most important person in the world;”
  6. Whenever possible and appropriate, give the client a “yes” answer and with a can do attitude;
  7. Don’t charge more than your estimate (build in a cushion and don’t exceed it unless a catastrophic event occurs that the client is aware of), and if you come in under the estimate, charge less.

All are examples of how you can build on your lawyer marketing skills, while building client loyalty in the process. If you want to read all of Trey’s secrets, you can download a copy here.