In building client relationships (the best way to keep and build your client base), it can’t be overstated how important and effective personal handwritten notes can be in setting you apart from the crowd. In today’s hectic world – what with billable hours, family commitments, just finding time to get through all the emails and other clutter that impacts our lives – there is little wonder why we overlook a forgotten method of communication that can truly make a difference. Think how you feel when you receive a handwritten note.
Why don’t we use this tool more often? Well, the telephone is quicker (and definitely better than nothing) and, of course, there is always the faster and quicker e-mail (I’m not sure that it is better than nothing, though). As I’ve discussed in other posts, the large amount of emails that come daily (and not just spam) is getting REAL annoying to a lot of people.
So, it was good to see the article by Karen Young that appeared in Fulton County’s Daily Record and Small Firm Business recently that reminded me of the power of the handwritten note. Karen talked with several lawyers who were believers in this tool. One, David Hollingsworth of Kilpatrick & Stockton, said he spends 20 minutes working on each note, so it will be personal and meaningful. WOW. And he says “If you have a good personal relationship, you’re going to have a better client relationship, and that’s going to be good for business.”

That says it all!