Following my post about the 12-steps to cure e-mail addiction, I received a comment from Lisa Solomon, who provides comprehensive legal research and writing services to attorneys. After admitting her own “addiction” to reading RSS feeds, she suggested the need for “Blog Readers Anonymous.”

As a fellow addict, I concur, but wait, what about adding “Listserv Anonymous” to the 12-step organizations. It turns out that Lisa is a prolific contributor to the SoloMarketing listserv created by Jonathan Stein, who also blogs at The Practice. I’m seeing a dangerous situation here. Between e-mails, blogging, and listservs, it’s a wonder that any work gets done anymore.

Accordingly, if you are a lawyer-blogger, who also e-mails alot, and also participates in discussion groups, just think of all the business development time you would have if you limited your computer face time.


So, join BlogEmaiList Anonymous today, and increase your client base tomorrow. (I’m working on the twelve steps, but am pretty busy right now emailing to one of my listservs, and checking my RSS feeds for ideas for my next blog post).

I’ll get back to ya.