Often I was asked when I was in-house about various Who’s Who publications like Who’s Who in American Law, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Jail Management (wasn’t really asked about this one), and so forth. I don’t want to step on sensitive toes here, but in my experience, they are a waste of time and money (well, you do plan to buy the book or CD don’t you?). I simply do not believe they have the meaning they once may have had. The reason is that they are mostly self-selecting.
There was a humorous (not sure it was intended as such) article entitled The Hall of Lame that appeared in Forbes FYI in March 1999. It’s a great read. I used that piece to persuade my lawyers at the time to not include any Who’s Who listing in their biographies.
From a marketing point, I don’t see it adding very much to your biography. In fact, it may detract from it with those who like Forbes consider it a “vanity publication.” Just a thought.