It has been said that the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy. In my last post I asked the question whether you’re passionate about the work you do. Obviously, we are happier and more fulfilled if we enjoy what we are doing. The sound of the death knell to any law practice is much more likely if one is apathetic about their practice, or the clients they work for. Your legal marketing, hopefully, is focused on the passionate side of the spectrum.

What got me thinking about the opposite of being passionate about what we do, was a post by Thom Singer on his Some Assembly Required blog. Thom tells the story of a family outing at his community pool, and the unpleasant impression he was left with by the total disinterest displayed by a teenage waitress in her job waiting tables.

I thought: gosh, as much as one should be passionate about their life, practice and clients, it is not always possible or realistic. Accordingly, I hope that your lawyer marketing efforts are focused at least on the passionate side, rather than the apathetic end of the scale.

Although, on further reflection, if one is apathetic about their practice, it is unlikely they are doing any marketing at all.