Recently, I mentioned in a post about how individual lawyers can showcase their expertise to corporate counsel by providing “legal updates, FAQs, forms, templates, and the like” on particular legal issues on Legal OnRamp free of charge.

Thanks to my friend Stacy Clark I have learned about Lexology which is another site where lawyers can submit articles that are available to everyone, and, again, where a lawyer can demonstrate her/his expertise in specific areas of the law. 

Anyone can sign up to receive a daily email from Lexology covering any (or all) of the 37 areas of law selected in the U.S., UK, EU and Canada. One can also search by keywords to narrow the focus. Tons of law firms have contributed already, and many of those contributing to Legal OnRamp are also participating on Lexology.

Since Legal OnRamp won’t be officially launched until later this year, I can’t say for sure, but it looks like that site may have more value than one with only articles. We’ll have to wait and see.

Both present business development opportunities for lawyers.

Of course, I believe the more narrow the focus of whatever is submitted, the more likely it will come up in an issue-specific search. General articles won’t cut it in my estimation, and are unlikely to be read, except by someone seeking more general information in a legal area. General counsel on the other hand, will more likely be quite specific about what advice/information they are seeking from such sources.