The Rule:  Get to events 20 minutes early, and stay 20 minutes after it is over!!

Simple huh.

I usually do not link to articles or posts by consultants who refer to themselves as gurus, experts, the best or top anything.  I routinely pass their stuff up, because it usually isn’t that good, but …..

After reading  the article on LinkedIn by Martha Newman.  I think maybe I’m just jealous. Because I never thought of Newman’s rule.  It is good, no damn good.   Here is what she had to say:

 “Did you know that the best networking takes place 20 minutes before a networking event starts, and in the first 20 minutes after it ends?


“That’s why it’s so important to be the first one there, and the last person to leave.

“Think about it. If your number-one objective is to make as many valuable contacts as possible then it is wise to always arrive early for meetings, seminars, and business functions – and stay late to maximize the networking opportunities that are available after the events are over.

You may even want to think of yourself as the host of the event – even if you’re just a guest – and make sure that you try to greet and speak to as many people as possible before the event and see them off after the event. By doing this, people will remember you as the person in the sea of people who was thoughtful enough to take the initiative and break the ice by greeting them warmly.

“Remember, the saying "the early bird always gets the worm" was not born out of bad advice.”

Also, those who know me, know that I am rarely at a loss for words, and I usually have no trouble putting my own slant on posts and articles I link to.  That’s what a blog is suppose to do.  However, there is nothing more to add to this one.