Okay, you met the ideal prospective client, who had a legal problem you really could have helped them with. BUT, after your conversation which you thought went well, he or she didn’t hire you. What’s with that?

Well, according to RealPractice’s Company Blog, there could be five reasons you weren’t hired and their blog post provides ideas on “how to fix it” for each.

Here is what the potential client may have thought: (the “fix” is in parentheses)

  1. You cared more about yourself and your law firm vs. my needs or problems (listen a lot more – at least 50%-80% of the time – and learn what the person’s real needs are, rather than spend most of the time talking about yourself and your credentials);
  2. Due to a slow response, they or their problem wasn’t important enough to you (make the prospect feel they are a priority by following up immediately);
  3. Felt that the communication and styles wouldn’t be compatible (be open to clients by asking them about their “preferred method of communication” and adapt to it);
  4. The “competence and professionalism” they expected wasn’t evident (dress professionally, but not too expensively, and get rid of the AOL, Hotmail, or Gmail account for a domain name more appropriate to your business); and
  5. There is not enough information about you online (ensure an effective Internet presence with good content, as both are critical in this age).

Thanks to Judd Kessler for the heads up on this one.