My third post from the article by Nora Tooher that appeared in Lawyers Weekly USA (subscription required) lists Larry Bodine’s five biggest legal marketing mistakes made by lawyers. If you missed the first two posts covering Jim Calloway’s and Gerry Riskin’s biggest lawyer marketing mistakes, you can find them here and here respectively.
Larry’s top five mistakes are:
1.No marketing strategy (including no written plan, which should be reviewed semi-annually, and focusing on the law firm’s most profitable practices),
2.Having materials and website content focusing on the firm (rather than on clients they would like to represent),
3.Failing to list representative clients (Larry thinks that clients will be flattered and delighted to be listed in your materials or on your website),
4.Not highlighting success stories (by individual lawyers and firm on accomplishments and major cases), and
5.Repeating lawyer marketing mistakes (such as continuing to sponsor tables at charity events when lawyers fail to fill the table year after year; and not scrapping other activity that does not produce results).
Next time, my five biggest legal marketing mistakes taken from the same article. I know, I know, you can’t wait for these little pearls, but you’ll have to ’cause my wife and I are taking a weekend trip.