In too many firms, not everyone has bought into being part of the marketing team. You don’t necessarily want every lawyer writing articles or making speeches. Some may not be very good at it, but they can still be part of the team and contribute in other ways. And I have posted before about making the staff part of the team, so I won’t belabor that point. What is important though is that everyone understands that marketing is the responsibility of everyone at the firm.
John Jantsch has a post emphasizing how marketing is everyone’s job. As he so aptly puts it:

“The funny thing is, anyone in your organization who comes into contact with a customer or potential customer in the name of your business is performing a marketing function – so why not teach them to perform it well?”

Why not indeed? Such training shouldn’t end with how clients should be treated, or how everyone should dress and behave. Your firm should ensure that everyone down to the file clerk understands the type of work the firm does, and the type of clients it prefers. Better yet if they understand the firm’s marketing plan (you do have one don’t you?), or at least the firm’s goals and objectives in a general sense. Semi-annual or annual meetings to include all lawyers and staff is a good idea. On these occasions, the managing partner or chairperson can set out the vision for the firm while conducting a pep rally for the troops. I’ve seen this work very effectively. Not only does it make everyone feel part of the law firm, but can actually translate into everyone accepting responsibility for being part of the marketing team.