At two law firms where I was an in-house marketer, I had the dubious honor of having a marketing committee to work with. One was okay, since it really only served an advisory role, while the other was a total disaster. Could hardly agree on anything, and certainly provided little useful input. Some meetings were ego battles, and little was ever accomplished. During the interview for my last in-house position, I asked whether the firm had a marketing committee. I was informed they did not, but had considered forming one. I said I would not take the job if they did.
Don’t get me wrong, I feel strongly about this!
Today I ran across Chris Houchens’ Shotgun Marketing Blog where he has a post about why marketing by committee is a bad idea. As he questions why you wouldn’t have a office supply committee (to decide on what color pens to order), accounting committee (to decide how to post debits and credits), or a human resources committee (to decide who gets hired or fired), his point is clear.
Neither he nor I suggest that your marketers operate in a vacuum, quite the opposite. Hire good people who are knowledgeable, and who will seek out their clients’ (lawyers’) input. Then, let them do their job.