Your “perfect client” should fit a description of one you enjoy helping resolve their legal problems (whether business or personal in nature), and the solution requires utilizing legal skills that you enjoy doing.
I have mentioned in several posts (here , here and here) the fact that unfortunately too many lawyers do not enjoy the work they do nor the clients they do it for. I don’t mean to beat this horse too much, but it is a stumbling block that has to be overcome, I believe, to avoid burn out and to gain the practice you would really enjoy. Thus, the need to identify your perfect client, and to plan your legal marketing efforts aimed at those clients instead.
A post on The Greatest American Lawyer blog by the anonymous lawyer tells us that he has given a lot of thought to this subject. He says he has already fired some clients, and invites input from others as he develops his bullet checklist for the perfect client. Stayed tuned as anonymous shares his list with us.
In the meantime, why not start your own “perfect client” list?