In planning for the New Year, especially since it is fast approaching, apply vision toward the kind of work and clients you really want to represent; rather than following the traditional approach of taking whatever comes in the door.

That’s the advice shared by Daniel Scocco over on DailyBlogTips in his article “Have a Vision Instead of Acting Opportunistically.” Not only does that apply to the types of clients one should seek, but the legal marketing strategies that a firm applies toward gaining those clients. As Daniel tells us, don’t “jump from project to project” – nor should you jump from marketing idea or fad of the month to the next as you try to develop business.

And this “vision” doesn’t require deep intellectual thought or lengthy strategic analysis, in my opinion. Nor is it difficult to determine. How you say? Simply take a hard look at your current client base and related revenues to ascertain what your “good foundation” is, and build your vision upon it. That analysis will tell you where your strengths lie, and in most cases the direction your vision should lead your firm’s business development efforts.

If you like most of your current clients and the type of legal work you do, then your vision should be pretty simple. Get more of the same. If not, then you need to concentrate on what part of your existing clients and work you do like, and to apply your vision more narrowly to focus on getting more of them and weaning the firm off the rest.